Electricity – A Gift from the Universe

What is electricity?

Did you know that if you keep breaking down an object you’ll eventually be left with atoms?

Everything in the universe is made of atoms. Atoms makeup every single thing in the universe.

From rocks to snow, animals to metal, and clothing to skin.

Every single thing in the universe are made from atoms. Atoms are the building blocks of the universe.

There is something called electrons within an atom.

Electrons can flow from atom to atom.  This flow of electrons is called  an “electric current”.

Electrons can move through different materials and can move or not move in certain materials.

An electron that can travel  through a material, that material would be called a “conductor”.

For example, a piece of copper allows for electrons to move easily within it. Copper would be considered a conductor.

Copper pan

A rubber tire would not allow electrons to flow. The rubber tire would be considered an insulator.

rubber tire

rubber tires

An insulator is anything that does not let electrons move and does not conduct electricity.

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Benefits of electricity

There are many benefits of electricity, so many that I won’t be able to list them all.

We use electricity everyday in our lives, or at least I do.

Electricity comes into use every single day. We use it to put the kettle on, power our TV and gaming systems.

We use electricity to go on our phones and consume so many forms of media such as articles and video content.

Electricity has become part of our day to day lives and we wouldn’t know what to do without it.

When we don’t have access to WiFi at home, all Hell breaks loose.

Disadvantages of electricity

There are also many disadvantages of electricity it’s actually pretty scary.

I believe the biggest disadvantage of electricity is that our lives have become dependent on it.

Whether we want to engage in leisure activities or get some work done, electricity always plays a role.

Electrical fields can cause cancer.

If not setup properly and used in the correct manner, electricity can do major harm to you physically and even kill you.


Electricity is a weird but wonderful thing.

We use it in our every day lives and it has made things so much easier for us.