The Ultimate Question – The Only Miracle – The All Consuming Enigma

Why Is There Something And Not Nothing?

Even before our ancestors began to fashion tools and learn the art of making fire they must have gazed at the wonders of the Earth and the marvels of the star studded heavens and asked such questions as why are we here, what made us, why are we born and why do we die?   They made myths and legends of how the Earth and the plants and animals that inhabited almost every nook and cranny of its surface came to be.  Above all they wondered about the presence of men and women in the world.  At first they endowed every plant and animal with a spirit – later they invented a whole world of gods and goddesses and still later the great religions and philosophies were born.  These religions tried to answer the ultimate question which is still unanswered.  They depended on BELIEF and FAITH.   Science however came along and began to find out HOW the Universe operated – it left the ultimate question of WHY to religion.  That is why at the highest level science and religion are not in opposition to one another.   This website seeks only to give glimpses of the cosmos as revealed by the scientific discoveries of the last 500 years or so. 

The Cosmos is so vast that its immensity lies beyond words and defies our comprehension.  Even our Earth seems enormous by comparison with our ordinary daily lives.  Although our Sun is only one of many trillions of similar stars scattered in the stupendous Universe, it is vast beyond our most elaborate dreams.  It’s true immensity can perhaps be dimly grasped by looking at the diagram that compares our star with the size of the Earth, the planet Jupiter and the orbits of their Moons.