Plumbing company in Plano TX

Let’s say you go to take a nice relaxing shower. You are expecting a wave of soothing, hot water, but you are splashed with a stream of frigid water. It looks like your hot water heater is need of repair. You need to hire a reliable plumber as soon as possible.

When you have to hire a plumber on such short notice, it’s almost impossible to perform the comprehensive research that you would typically do before such a large project. Doing your homework helps you hire someone with quality workmanship in a moment’s notice.


Emergency Plumbing Contractor Checklist

Get a Written EstimateWhether your repair is simple or complex, a written repair estimate is essential to protect you and your plumber. Make sure your plumber lists any parts that are to be used in addition to an estimate of labor hours.

If it turns out that your hot water heater is beyond repair, secure written quotes for an assortment of different units and the associated costs for installation. Ensure that approximations for new installation components are incorporated. Check that your quote includes the cost to remove and haul away your old hot water heater.

In addition to the estimate, get written statements concerning any warranties or guarantees associated with your plumber’s work. Hire Plumbing company in Plano TX today.