Hardwood Flooring Charlotte NC

Hardwood Flooring Charlotte NC for homes are quite appealing. They are durable requiring little care for their maintenance. A timber floor with well sealed joints is spill and stain resistant as well as resistant to most chemicals. Because of its relatively low allergenic properties, this floor is often recommended for people having some allergies or suffering from asthma. It is available in a wide variety of styles, wood types and designs as well as different price range.

There are a number of styles of timber floors that you can choose from depending on your preference from Hardwood Flooring Charlotte NC. You can select the structural solid plank style, in which the planks slot together, the parquetry style, or the floating floor style in which a wooden floor can be overlaid on the existing floor.


Structural timber floors are the most traditional type of timber boards that are laid on joists and bearers. It is recommended to hire the services of professionals for the installation of this floor because a lot of care is required in proper installation of boards and ensure sufficient ventilation below the floor to prevent warping of the boards. There is a large variation in the cost of boards depending on the thickness of the board its grade and species.

In parquetry style of flooring, wood pieces are arranged in a geometric mosaic, such as triangular, square or lozenges making the floor look quite elegant and appealing to eye. In this type of flooring, timber such as oak, walnut, lime, cherry, maple, pine, etc are selected in contrasting colours. Sometimes, mahogany that is rich in colour is also selected, which makes it a little expensive. They are quite long lasting and need very little maintenance. It has been quite popular style of flooring since ages and is ideally suited for homes. It is advisable to get the work done through expert professionals who can make the finished job look really beautiful.